Online Courses

Online French Courses

For those of you who prefer to work at your own pace and like to have the opportunity to revisit what you’ve learnt, I’m creating an online version of my language courses with a series of videos. Currently, I’m working on Everyday French Online Courses. The emphasis is on building up sentences that are practical and useful for everyday French conversations. Sadly, even informal conversations are grammatically challenging so I do cover grammar, but in a fun and relaxed way. There are plenty of opportunities to practise the structures. Intertwined in the sentences, are useful everyday French expressions and handy slang. There are added written summaries and written exercises with the answers provided to consolidate your knowledge. The course is challenging but very rewarding, especially when you can slip in a few French expressions or understand someone using French slang.

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I look forward to taking this language learning roller coaster with you!

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Cecile 🙂