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Welcome to ‘Everyday Languages’. This is a site for people who would like to learn conversational language to enable them to communicate with local people when on holiday or if you are living in France, Italy, Spain or the UK as a foreigner struggling with the lingo.

What we learnt in school isn’t enough to have a casual conversation and though there are a huge number of foreign language courses available both face-to-face and online, in my experience, they don’t teach enough of the ‘everyday stuff’ that allows you to really understand what is being said.

Conversational language is full of slang, expressions and collocations.Therefore, to have any hope of truly understanding a foreign tongue you need to understand the language as it is spoken every day. If you love to watch foreign films – as I do – you need to know the real language not the one laid out in grammar books.

I run classes in my local area of Shipley, West Yorkshire. I also do language lessons via Skype and Google Hangouts to businesses and individuals. Do take a look at the testimonials for feedback from former students.

I am a qualified languages teacher having gained my PGCE from Leeds University. I am bilingual French/English as my mother is French. I have taught myself Spanish and Italian so I have also been on the side of the learner. I love learning languages and I am genuinely interested in how people learn. From my studies in French and psychology at university and through teaching both children and adults I have come to the unsurprising conclusion that there is no miracle method to suit everyone. However, being relaxed and enjoying the process is absolutely key to learning anything and making things stick. I will teach you good solid foundations in the language, grammar too but top it all off with everyday language. It will be a steep learning curve but in a fun, stress free environment. Even if you are terrified of opening your mouth to speak – I can promise you patience, understanding and plenty of encouragement.

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  1. Estaria interestado en Espanol en Shipley.

    • Muchas gracias Peter – I’ll see how many people sign up and keep you posted. What days can you do and what sort of level are you?
      Kind regards
      Cecile 🙂

  2. I live in Bingley, and am interested in French or Spanish, also have a friend interested in Spanish

    • Thank you very much Alyson – what days and times can you both do?
      Kind Regards

  3. Hello Cecile,
    My husband and I live in Bingley and we’re very interested in French classes. We both work full time and so it would have to be evenings – Tuesday or Wednesdays.

  4. Hi Cecile,
    I emailed you last week but I can’t seem to find my comments! So, here again – my husband and I are wanting to do French classes but we both work full time and live in Bingley. Do you do evenings? Tuesday / Wednesdays are good for us.
    Thanks, Vicky

    • Hi Vicky – many thanks for your message. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I’m in France with no internet and a library with sporadic opening times. I’m gathering names and will be in touch to let you know if we have enough people to start a new class.
      Many thanks

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